20 Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, I’m able to provide services with a speed and quality that is hard to match. To be able to live up to this promis, I concentrate on 3 areas and have implemented workflows in all 3 of them to offer outstanding service at a reasonable price.

Should you have any questions regarding the services I offer or if you want to get started, either click on one of the links below or get in touch via the contact page.

New Website

If you are in Hong Kong, I have set up a service which allows you to get started with your website with no upfront costs. Webjoy HK takes care of all your website needs for a fixed monthly fee starting from as low as HK$ 2990 without any extra upfront cost.

Alternatively you can reach out to me via Codeable and I can provide you with a custom offer for creating your brand new website.

Existing Website

I’m more than happy to help you with your existing website. The services I provide in this area range from speed optimizations, new features to design updates, help with SEO and much more. To get started, please get in touch either via contact form or directly click on “Hire Wolfgang” on Codeable.

China Website Optimization

Being able to reach almost 1 billion internet users in Mainland China can be a game changer for any business around the world. Having worked with countless clients in Hong Kong, the Mainland and all around the world, I can help with guiding you towards having a web platform that can not only be reached by Mainland users but also allows them to make purchases and interact in a way they are used to.

This sort of project usually starts out with an audit of your existing website that results in an actionable report which then can be implemented either by your own developers or by myself. To get started, please either get in touch via the contact form or directly click on “Hire Wolfgang” on Codeable.

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