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Experience with web development inside and outside of Mainland China put me in a unique position to help companies around the world improve their website for the Mainland market. Get in touch to discuss further details.

My experience in working with companies in Mainland China coupled with the ability to speak and read Mandarin provides me with  unique skill set to help clients around the world optimize their website for Mainland China. With the necessary care it is very much possible for global players outside of China to create a website or e-commerce store that works nicely within Mainland China (loads with decent speed) and provides the necessary elements Chinese users are accustomed to.

What I can help with:

The deliverable will be a report containing all information necessary to allow you and your development team to optimize the website. I won’t be able to do any hands-on work on the website or code but the report will contain enough details (technical and non-technical) so that you and your developers should have no problem implementing the work.

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Wolfgang GeigerHi, I'm Wolfgang, the founder, director and developer behind Wohok Solutions. Passionate about web development from an early age, I have built websites for more than half of my life. I have degrees in both, Computing and Business Management and I am fluent in German, English and Mandarin. Based in Hong Kong, I help companies in the city and around the world to improve their business through technology.

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