On our blog we try to provide you with information and tutorials that might be of value to you. Furthermore we aim to empower you as the owner or user of a website to either build a website yourself, improve your website or simply make the best use of your existing website.

China Website Audit

Experience with web development inside and outside of Mainland China put me in a unique position to help companies around the world improve their website for the Mainland market. Get in touch to discuss further details.

Project Highspeed – Before the Start

This is the first of what will be a series of blog posts describing and documenting the building stages of the new website for our side project After a lot of reading and thinking, the implementation phase has started recently. This article summarizes the approach chosen and also why other approaches were not considered.

How to improve conversion on your website

The ultimate goal of a website is usually to have some sort of conversion event. This could be visitors buying things, contacting you, signing up to a newsletter or simply clicking on a link, the list of possible conversion events is almost endless. This article lists some basic tools and techniques that can help you get started improving your conversion rate and ultimately get more out of your website.

Adding a User to Vaultpress

A quick tutorial on how to grant other users access to one of your Vaultpress backups

Getting started with the Divi Builder

At Wohok Solutions we use the Divi Builder a lot. It’s a great way to build pages and posts in a structured way and makes it relatively easy for our clients to change existing content as well as create new pages and posts. This article gives a quick introduction to the Divi Builder and guides you through everything you need to know to get started.

Getting started with Vaultpress

Vaultpress is a great way to backup your WordPress website. This article gives a quick overview over the features we like most about Vaultpress and then guides you through the signup process to get started.

How to add Google Analytics to your Website

This is a short tutorial on how to get a Google Analytics tracking ID and tracking code for your website and how to subsequently add Google Analytics to your WordPress website, Shopify online shop or any other website.

How to pick the right co-working space in Hong Kong

Finding a co-working space in Hong Kong isn't difficult anymore today. However, finding the right one for the situation you're in, is a different story. This article points out some things to think about before settling for a new co-working space.

WordPress Security: wp-config

The file wp-config.php is the central file WordPress uses for configuration purposes. Most parts of the configuration refer to setup and how WordPress is run, some parts, however, are quite important for security and are highlighted in this post.

WordPress Security: Remove WordPress version

Version numbers, regardless whether they refer to WordPress, plugins or themes, signal which version is currently used in a given system. This number itself doesn't make your website vulnerable, but it makes it easy for bots and hackers to find out whether or not you have old code with security issues installed or not - and if you do, you're most likely in trouble.

WordPress Security: Login error message

Learn how to change the default WordPress login error message to make it more difficult for people wanting to hack into you site to find a valid username/password pair

What is a good password?

Passwords are one of the most important factors for security. A week password can destroy all other security efforts of a website and makes it fairly easy to crack into an account. This article shows a couple of methods of creating good passwords and how to use different passwords for different accounts is doable in daily life.